Home Survey

During your home survey we will discuss what type of style will best suit your home.

If you have any concerns about cost, installation, about what material to use or even what colour will work best; then ask us during your home survey.

Unlike other retailers, our installers are able to take care of all your gas, plumbing and electrical requirements during the installation process. We will discuss your installation needs with you during your home survey, so you can rest assured that it will be installed with absolute expertise when the time comes!
Creative Design

A personal designer will visit you at home in order to get a full understanding of the space and of your hopes. A Creative Design is one that takes into account your tastes, your passions, your interests and your budget, as well as the space you have and the appliances you need.

Using the latest 3D software, your designer will create a computer-generated image of your room, letting you see it from every angle and discuss ideas before the final design is set.

Our designers are up to speed with all the latest trends, technologies and design possibilities; so donít be afraid to pick their brains. Whether you want to know about the length of product guarantees, the level of training they have or where best to position that retro fridge freezer, just ask away!
Design Tweaking

Once you have agreed your basic layout with us, you can begin to explore ways to enhance and individualise your room: Ingenious storage solutions, innovative products to an almost endless choice in lighting and tiles; we have got it all!

And because tastes and budgets vary from person to person, our ranges offer an abundance of choice; whether you are looking for traditional homeliness or contemporary design, classic styles, to the latest trends, We have something for you.

In fact, all you need to do is imagine your dream room. Visit showrooms, read magazines, browse the internet- wherever your inspiration comes from, we will do our best to ensure it ends up in your room.

Complete fit management which means that we can also take care of any gas, electrics and plumbing requirements that arise from fitting.

Our installers will also tidy up on completion too, leaving your room ready to use and enjoy right away.

All Aquatechs installations comply with current Government legislation and you will be issued certification to verify all relevant works.
Final Sign Off

If you choose our installation service, Aquatechs staff will contact you to arrange a visit to your home to check that you are completely happy with your new room.

In the rare case of a problem occurring, our staff will resolve this as quickly as possible!